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Aug. 12th, 2011

me, peace

Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

Not someone real, but rather a character I've kind of made up. This character is like my dream me. Dream me is beautiful, not in a cliche, long flowing hair, flawless skin kind of way, but in a real, wholesome way. Dream me is smart, can get through a maths or science lesson and understand everything that went down. She also has a much better attention span, and so gets all her homework done. Dream me is like-able, she would have lots of friends, girls and guys, not because she's 'cool' or 'popular' but because she is genuinely a nice, fun person to be around. Dream me is talented, she is a good singer and plays acoustic guitar, she also writes music and a lot of short stories. She's also an amazing artist. If I was all of these things, then well, what would I do? Probably not a lot more than I do now, except I'd enjoy it a lot more.
me, peace

Thought I'd say...

I like a guy. That's right, I have a freakin' crush on a freakin' guy. He's funny and awesome. I just wish he could like me too. I've talked to him a few times, but I think he finds me annoying because I'm loud and talk too much. Yay. *sarcasm*

Aug. 1st, 2011

me, peace

Writer's Block: On repeat

Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

Basically any song by the band New Empire, but especially their recent single, Give me the World. I really don't know why but it's just a truly epic song. The lyrics, the guitar riffs, the awesome drum beats, I dunno. It's just freaking amazing.

Jul. 27th, 2011

me, peace

I wrote this last Monday...

Well hey guys, I’m writing this on a pages document not on live journal because it’s refusing to load at the moment for some stupid reason, so I’ll copy and paste it when it works. Anywho, I thought I’d write about a creature I made up today, because I was bored. It’s called a Jaywook. It’s freaking awesome, it’s like a big, fluffy, brown bear but with no ears and a long, fish-like tail. It’s like an earless mer-bear. I’ll put a drawing of it somewhere in this entry. I’m gonna have to start writing stories about my adventures with my Jaywook. I should give my Jaywook a name, I can’t just call it Jaywook...what should I name him? NAME BRAINSTORMING TIME!
Richard (Rikki for short)
Lord Wigglesworth

I like all of these, but I think I’m either gonna go with Gerard or Richard. Just because they’re such normal names which is ironic because it’s a crazy-ass creature. Also, if I named it Gerard, then I could name it Gez for short, and Jez is Jeremy from New Empire’s nickname. I’M NOT OBSESSED! Jokes, I totally am. And Richard could maybe possibly be Jeremy’s middle name, but surprisingly that’s actually not why I thought of it. But Gerard is also the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, which is another band I love, so I may end up going with Gerard. Yup, I’m naming it Gerard. My Jaywook is called Gerard, that’s how it is. Ok. I will stop talking about a made up creature now. What do I have to talk about now? My phone didn’t arrive yesterday, so hopefully it will today. That’s basically all I really have to talk about, so enjoy this picture of Gerard the Jaywook and me! Do widzenia ^_^

Jul. 25th, 2011

me, peace

About phones and such

Hey guys, I'm in RE class at the moment and FIRETRUCK am I bored. Also I really need to pee but I couldn't be f-ed getting up to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom. Not that you guys needed to know that. Not that it's likely anyone will ever read this anyway...whatever. I'm really excited about getting my new phone, I think I mentioned it briefly in an earlier entry, but I'm getting a Nokia E71 soon, my mum ordered it last Wednesday and it's Monday now, so it could arrive any time this week. I've been wanting this phone for AGES, basically because it has a better camera and more storage space than my current one, not that I don't love my current one, which is a Sony Ericsson (not sure what model), but I've had it for about three and a half years now and considering I was planning to get a new phone two years after I got my first one, I think it's about time it was replaced. Damn, that was a long sentence. Anyway...yeah that is about it. Bye :3

Jul. 24th, 2011

me, peace

Writer's Block: Life imitating art

Which movie or book character are you most like, and why?

I see myself as being very much like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I'm a bit (ok, maybe a lot) strange and some people don't like that about me, but my friends find it an endearing quality (well at least I hope they do). Also like Luna, I'm often off in my own little world. I like it there, it's peaceful.
me, peace

Nothing much

Helloooooo world of live journal! I really have no idea if I will be updating this blog much at all, but you see tumblr has now been blocked from my school's internet server, so I'm trying to find another website to bludge on in class until I get my new phone that browses the web...so yeah. Hah I find it funny that just as I typed 'yeah' the song I'm listening to (Now it Seems by Freedom 1, now known as New Empire) went 'yeah'. Ok that's not really funny but there you go, there's a look into my easily amused mind. So what do I talk about? My life is really uneventful. Apart from two weeks ago, that was an awesome week. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I went to this music workshop that happens in holidays, it's really fun. I don't play any instruments, but I sing so yah...then on Saturday was oh nothing much just a FREAKING NEW EMPIRE CONCERT! New Empire is my most favourite band ever, seriously I can't even explain how much I love them. Anyway yeah not yesterday but the Saturday before yesterday was the third New Empire concert I've been to, well the third concert I've been to, and it was probably the best. At the meet and greet bit at the end of the concert where they sign stuff and you talk to them and get pictures, Kale (the drummer) recognized me from a video I submitted a while ago for a competition on facebook they organized (I came second in that competition, just so you know), which freaked me out in a good way. Also, Jeremy (the lead singer) recognized me from one of my youtube videos I made a couple weeks ago about how much I love their new single, which freaked me out a lot more, because it's not like I actually sent that video to them or anything...he just found it! And also Jeremy complimented my nail polish, which was a different bright colour on each nail. I'd actually painted them especially that morning hoping they would notice, so mission accomplished! I got a photo with Jeremy and Pete (the guitarist), but it came out really dark so my friend Shamila, who came with me, is going to try and edit it so you can actually see us, because she's good at that stuff. Also I drew a picture of Jeremy a few weeks ago, and I decided to give it to him when I met him, and I did, and he said he was gonna put it with his 'special stuff'. He thinks it's special ^_^ Oh well that is enough fangirling for one journal entry...especially my first one...whatever, I shall go now. Do widzenia (goodbye in Polish)!